Our Vision

We believe style and technology are not mutually exclusive. So we design our earphones to be as stylish and elegant as they sound. Earphones are the medium that brings you the music you love. In that sense they occupy a very special place in our everyday life.

Our Process

We don’t “manufacture”, we craft them. We use premium materials because we want our products to last. Because we want them to be an expression of our personality and style.

Our Story

Behind the EOZ One project, two music lovers from France who realised all the products on the wireless market were identical. Something was missing. Bluetooth Earphones should be more than a plastic-injected fitness accessory.



In June 2016, EOZ Audio launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough to start their journey with the EOZ One.

They were able to reach more than 125% of our funding goal within 30 days.